Senior year I beg you to stay

Writing on each other's uniform

Writing on each other’s uniform

How should I say this. I can’t find words to start this post.

It just came so fast. I feel like it all began exactly when my junior year ended -Recognition practices, Dance school, and review center. Believe it or not, I’ve always anticipated for this moment to come –the end of everything -the end of my senior year, the end of being a student, and the of end high school, but something just aches whenever I notice that it’s already the final bye. I mean, it passed so swift. I still remember writing a dramatic and an overly-emotional post over my junior year. Now it’s this. Senior Year. Looks like I’m about to create one again.

It might sound very cliche to say that High school is the fun-est thing in your life, and I admit many times in my life I became so much irritated with how my mom always reminded me to create more and more memories while I’m still in high school, and to value each and every moment of that, and blah blah blah, and something like I-promise-you-nothing-beats-highscool, and all, but now I attest to that. Truly nothing beats high school because firstly, it only happens once. Secondly, you’re never gonna find the wildest classmates again. Thirdly, it’s a chill slash death-defying phase in your life where in you’re left with no choice, but just do it and give in like staying up late for your term papers and mooooore papers because if you don’t do so, it’s the entire group who’ll be at stake, something like that.

You might be a current high school student, a high school graduate, a college grad, a parent, a senior citizen (chos feeling hit yung blog ko lol), or just normally an organism, but I know and I’m aware that we all have amazing stories to tell on how high school have been to us, but let me share the Julia-Erika-Petalver-version-of-high-school, particularly Senior Year.

First day

Everybody loves the first day. It makes everyone feel like their back to zero. The smell of the paper which you never thought you’d ran out of soon, the vibe of your uniform which you never wore after two months, the noise which consist of studded tsismis and stories to tell to you best buds, and all never fail to delight me. First days have always gave me that new-year-kind-of-beginning like I should be like this and that, follow a new trend or whatever. I’ve always felt like I was given the chance to restart everything on first days, but never mind the mid-end times of school.

Even if it was my last year in high school, it still gave me an excitement to have known where my seat is, my new seatmates, new teacher, possible friends, and all. Plus of course to catch up with my best friends even if I already spent half of my summer 2012 with some of them, too. Lol I mean you never get tired hearing the same juices from your best friends because they are your best friends Haha

I remembered sitting beside a newbie. His name is Pocholo Racho. We called him Cho or Racho. To others he was new, but to me he wasn’t because we’ve already met in 2nd Year. He was a friend of my friend. Never mind. I wonder why my teacher, of all people, chose me to seat beside him. But actually, I don’t really wonder that much because maybe my teacher thought I am that kind of person who’s accommodating  and so welcoming and could eventually make friends with a transferee which is yes, really true. I am not that type who likes to make others feel off because I know how it exactly feels especially on your first day of school. Gladly, Cho and I got along well with each other.

My first day in Senior Year was such a big adjustment for me not just because of the basic fact that it was my first day as a Senior, but because it was also the start of me-wearing-braces! I really made it sure to wear it on my Senior Year to feel exactly new, but it was a wrong damn choice to wear it exactly before the first day! Agh  I remembered that whole lot struggle in chewing. That first week felt like I was on fasting. I chose to skip meals which gave me such headaches. See. It was like I was dared. It made me wish that foods would transform to soups whenever I want to, but not. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who experienced that kind of awesomeness. Gail and Rowan also had their braces in the first days hehe and when they had it, I was already through with the pain minus of course the times when I had to go to adjustments and everything goes back square one/hurting.

On my first day, my hair was still dyed. I was so happy I could go to school with my hair blonde. BUT BUT BUT. Sir Rex eventually ordered that no one should have their hair dyed. 😦 Damn why I was a responsible and an obedient student since then so I had my hair dyed with black, which was not my natural hair color. I was naturally brown-haired!!! (chos feeler haha)


We had a lot of new teachers. There were like three or four. It was definitely hard of course (not in my part cuz I can always adjust but for others) because you got used to the teacher you had for three years on the same subject and suddenly it’s your last year and it’s a new adjustment and all iwth all the new teachers, so it was really a pressure on us.

Take Sir Rex, my Values teacher for three years, as an example -his exams were damn easy. In my Junior year, I twice got 100 on his exams. His exams had always consisted of a-common-sense-Multiple-Choice, Identification, and put-whatever-you-want-Enumeration, the Memory Verse part (the hardest part I think because if you miss a word or a punctuation, then that would be a minus), Mission and Vision of the School (which we had for years… as in since First Year!! Sobrang impossible kung hindi mo pa memorize), and lastly the Essay part (5 points each). Sadly, Sir Rex moved from being a Values teacher to being a Prefect of Discipline Officer. I think he was really fit for that. Not everybody loves Sir Rex, but everybody would surely prefer him if they were to choose between Sir Rex and Maam Maricel, the new Values teacher. She was toooooootally the opposite of Sir Rex. Sir Rex was lenient, but Ma’am Maricel, nevermind!

(to be continued anytime I get that mood to write again) 





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