In this insanity I still posses

head over heels infatuated and it’s intoxicating!!!!

I don’t know if I’m in the right place to say this, but yes, I am in love deeply with an artist/band member again. I hate to say I hate the band but I should be honest. I really do not like the entire boy-band hahaha but I love that one person. And guess what, I mentally married him just this morning. Ok let’s stop the vague-ness of the previous lines I typed.

If you’re following me on Twitter, I’m sure you have the littlest idea of what I am talking about. It’s Zayn Malik, yes that majestic guy from the band I hate *oopsreallysorry*, One Direction

I’ve already heard about this months ago in school, where few of my classmates are really fond of this band that has cute and catchy songs, One Direction. At first I was kind of testing the band, listening to their songs, staring at each faces, and whatever it is, but time went by and I found nothing really interesting or great from it (please don’t hate huhu). Summer came, and I thought I was off from the the One Direction craze my classmates had because they made their songs an everyday anthem, which I had to hardly accept. I thought I was really off until that cursed day came when my brother found about this One Thing music vid and why in the world did he have to rape that replay button. It wasn’t just a day. Those were days of loudly playing it, and again why in the world did it have to be my wake up tune. It was hurtful, yes. It was. Like, a baby-directioner? I feel alienated. Everyone’s into it.

BUT BUT BUT on the 15th of May, today (as of this post haha) I found my true love. Omg what a cray line. Let’s replace it. I think I finally appreciated a song from One Direction. Plus, finally I have finalized my feelings about Zayn Malik. I don’t care if he smokes, I don’t care if his nationality-mixture is weird or whatever, and I don’t really give a damn if he had a girlfriend who’s six years older than him. Wow *breaths* that really sounded like I’m a true fangirl. But thank God I won’t be called a directioner (cuz I don’t really want to) because they have this rule whatever that if you don’t love one of them, you can’t have the ‘rights’ to be called a directioner. What more if I just fangirl Zayn Malik who is just 1/5 of the One Direction?

who wouldn’t fall for this guy

But in all honesty, from that moment I laid eyes on Zayn Malik, and fell in love with this British-Pakistani-English majestic guy with majestic thick eyebrows, I promised to myself that I should also share the love to the entire band (omg no). I find it really hellish, but I HAD TO DO IT. So I think I’m on the baby steps of being a directioner (forever not haha), to have a staple favorite song. ZAYN MALIK REALLY LOOKS UGH HERE!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


It’s gotta be you, Zayn Malik

❤ ❤ ❤



stay golden luv x


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