The end, Junior life.

Another year has ended! And as forever, I have always written a goodbye letter to my classmates by the end of each school year. Just like this:

Dear classmates,

I want you to know that this SY is one of my bests. Parang 1st day lang!! -When I sat infront; the first row, a bit near the teacher. Sobrang init noon. Tapos sobrang weird and very awkward ng feeling ko with one-another. Pero who would ever thought that after a few weeks, we would be one in playing Killers!! Hahahaha! Killer game na naging daily-habit sa class. I still remember when Rozel uses her phone to take a picture then upload it to Facebook. Then this ‘Killers-Group’ started. NGBA, so-called ‘Flying Mhens’ (Di ko sure sa spelling hahaha), Jemimah was still there, Gelo, etcs. Kami yung mga included sa group. Then things went smoothly inside our zoo-like class until this big thing happened, The Twin-Switching (Magpayos). Super HOT Issue. Ang daming nangyari. Gab’s Scholarship was put at stake, we are all given VR Warnings (as in heavy-stuff na na-include parents), etcetera, etcetera.

The second wave came. Jemimah is not a Responsibility student anymore. John is not a Maturity student na rin. That means, SWITCHED. Up to now, I don’t get the sense of the matter of switching them. It would be very different if Jem stayed and John didn’t come. Pero ganun talaga. Were not the big leaders of the school naman, eh.

Things started to change again. Bumalik na aura ng class. Sobrang ingay na naman. Our teachers were like ‘nasisiraan na ng ulo’ sa sobrang wild ng class. Pero I think they learned loving-us na rin. Hahahahaha x. I really hope.

Then ‘yun. That was the first-half ng SY. Kung ano-ano na nangyari. Changes sa tops -na sobrang ikina-irita ni Gab hahaha, new seatmates, new faces. Nandun naman ako ngayon sa pinaka-right ng middle row. Sobrang -EWAN.

Cheerdance -na sobrang tough rin. First times. Kase first time namin ma-combine in an activity with the Maturities. Then it was my first time to see Sir Ramie cry, too. Hello stress, here we go ako nun. Pero no one would ever thought na gumaling (tumaas lang) ako sa Math nung 3rd-Grading!! (di ako nag-yayabang) Hahahaha! Fun!

Then eto na. Were on the Fourth Grading guise! Eto na! Higher levels ng projects! Entrepreneurship blah-blah. Were on the right track baby! Hahahaha (ang random nun)

Random Feelings na. I can feel that everyone is so excited about everything. Summer, of course. Even me, too. I’m excited rin. Pero what happened this year would be forever in my heart. The fun, the faces, the air inside our class (air- as in yung may mabahong air haha), at ang mga problemang HINDI TAYO NILULUBAYAN. You all made me happy ang made my Sophie year great!! I love you guise! Tho it may sound so corny-ish, believe me, I really love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus. Hahahahahaha!

Almost 3 weeks to go na lang!! I’ll miss everything! Aja, my fellowmen! OXOXOXOXOXOXO

From your always annoying classmate (hahaha),


But today, I am up to no letter, or whatever, or any sentimental sheez. I feel that I’m just more of excited, just like what I’ve said in my personal blog (which still remains as a secret hahahahaha) because the official end quickly inches up the calendar, and I do not feel any sadness or whatever.

It has been already three days since we’ve been sent off from school, and I’m still thinking of adjectives to describe how my Junior life had been. Unsuccessfully, there weren’t any perfect words to characterize how it had been. All I know is that, I have blossomed into a new, mature me. I’ve became a better person (in what sense? haha), I started to know myself further, all my strengths, all my fears, everything. Junior year also taught me that I cannot stand up on my own, and that I still needed a lot of help from people, but on the contrary, it also showed me that I can also rise up, be strong despite of all the emotional hurts I gained from my relationships with different people. I realized that I easily get frustrated, sad, and heartsick making me think that I am depressed, but my mom pushes me to the limit to realize that I am not, and I am just the type who easily falls into disappointment. Disappointment of myself, of everyone. I don’t know how I got into this drama but let’s go back.

I cannot fit all the the things I learned from this school year into just a sentence, but I am seriously up to say that I’ve become a super-duper-better person now and that’s because of all the people surrounding me. Long-story-short, my junior year had become the most emotional school year of my life. I still don’t know why. And I don’t want to dig it further.

Right now, I just feel I’m nervous about everything. Nervous about entrance exams, people, and people, and people.

Thanks Junior year!! ❤ ❤ ❤ You’ve molded me into a smarter me.






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