Shirt for CASCADE

Here’s my proposal design for the CASCADE shirt. It went the way I wanted it. I hope the org adviser, Ma’am Joy would like it but I would accept it with open arms if they don’t.


Design for the front blah

STAFFERA member of the staff of an organization, esp. of a newspaper. I thought of putting a big STAFFER name over a black shape with pointed sheez (but that doesn’t mean something) because I want people to see (when you are wearing this) that you’re a part of something and that you are freaking privileged that it is CASCADE. Your school’s org. Your school’s official newspaper.

The back part

 Andddd! The back part. Of course people would want to know what your position in the staff is so I decided to put whatever the title is at the back.
Forgive my urbanized way of blogging. I’m just lazy and I just thought of something to blog about and this CASCADE thing came into my mind. I don’t know how I got into this apologizing but I feel I should segue to telling you and asking you… is the design nice? 😀 I GLADLY ACCEPT CRITICISMS.

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