Instagram Month x FEB

Mel, the most respectful CO. I love Mel. He's adorable.

Haggardnesses (say what???)

My forever gwapo prom date/bestfriend/brother!!!

Intercon's dancefloor... it's been almost a month. I miss everything about Prom.

Morning after Prom. Thanks to Bench FIX for my fixed eyebrows!!! (Chos! Feeling artista with the sponsors hehehe)

Someone talk with me, please? Pweh.

Genius brod

TV and Tissue. What is allergy...

Suckish nails... will never go back to that Nail Lounge.


forever awesome

Mom and Tina's Menu (Sunday Lunch)


What is allergy again? HUHUHUHUHUHU

Sipag vibes come in to me... my room needs a major cleaning.

Had the craziest week with this project. FINALLY IT'S DONE. And I'm givin my groupmates A for the effort each one of them gave.

Sore throat; water.

Bulaga. Sundaze.

*OOPS* bombarded.

Men of my life. Kaki and Emilio.



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