Incredibly Great

How I miss WordPress!!! Finally faced my all-in-one blog after several weeks of not posting so today, I’m going to do an all-in-one post (hihi). So far, the past month was incredible; and Feb is even more incredible although were not yet on its last weeks but I can feel that Feb’s going to turn out really great.

A lot of things happened, emotions expressed, days I was so stressed and felt really distressed. I learned a lot of things which helped me do amazing things (weh amazing talaga, eh hehehe). Like getting into top 5, which I haven’t tasted for so long, and now that I’m back I feel like coming back to life. Plus I promise to myself that this quarter should be bother-free. Being a conduct awardee that until now I still can’t believe how that happened cuz I’m really not that type who just sits there and shuts my mouth up the entire day. Well those are just one of the several great things that happened.

What keeps my life interesting now are Temple Run, books (as if I read a lot already)/reading blogs, good songs, school responsibilities (love or hate matter), and TV shows. They never ever really brought me down. Actually I think I don’t need people or friends any-more cause I have these already. loljoke


Temple Run – why do you have to be so addicting? 😦 😦 😦

I don’t even freaking care about getting dark eye bags. The only thing in my mind and the only thing that keeps me going is just to get that damn one objective. That is to… pass that 10 Million Run. I’m on the verge of getting it but because of my stupidity problems, there you have it –9, 619, 200. I promise to stop if ever I reach that 10 million. I really do. Promise.

Teen Angst x Ned Vizzini

 Teen Angst – the book that I can relate the most. So teen-friendly and funny!

FIVE STARS FOR THIS BOOK. I LOVE IT. I’M STUCK ON IT. I’M HALFWAY DONE AND I CAN’T EVEN FIND A WAY TO FINISH IT CAUSE IM FREAKING BUSY. Sorry if I have to type in all-caps. I just wanted to let you feel how my emotions are mixed right now. Basically, I have been with this book from January until now; I bring it everyday with me to school, in my bag which makes it even more heavy. It’s so interesting and it’s not boring, I tell you. A lot of books wait for me. I just have to screw them up cause I’m really FREAKING BUSY with all those important school stuff. I still have to finish Hunger Games trilogy, three Nicholas Sparks books – The Wedding, The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe.

Reading blogs – never fails to interest me. I’m part of our school org, CASCADE namely, and our adviser said that there is no room for mistakes. I’m afraid to have mistakes and to that possibility that I’d be out of the org so I help myself develop my artistic and creativeness both on writing and imagining out of the box by reading blogs. CASCADE have already produced its first issue (which was very late) just this month and honestly, I/we failed. It was pretty messed up and my article, Varsities chuva, had a lot of errors. Particularly on the varsity’s surname. Again, I’m sorry Euler. 😦 And the other one was the spelling. I hope next time I’d do really good and there’ll be less complaints.

Here are my daily-read blogs.

x – I read this ever since I was born. lol –very inspiring. xxx


Good songs – the reason why I still feel good after having stress and a lot of misfortunes. IF YOU TAKE THESE THREE OUT OF MY PLAYLIST, YOU’LL SEE YOURSELF IN HEAVEN. lolheckno

School responsibilities Lesdudeez.

Hws, quizzes, activities, projects and deadlines. Those are normal and I finally accepted it and just conceded cause I know they will never be gone. As a student, you should face it bravely. But if you have it together with dance practices (for Prom), extra stuff also for that event… oh-oh I think it’s a different matter. But thank God, I’m finally enjoying it. I don’t find it really hard now since were already doing it three weeks straight. First days were really stressful and exhausting but I got used to it. It’s pretty not easy to insert making a poster and revising almost half of it on the deadline to your daily crap but I love that feeling you get when you see your poster posted/scattered in your campus, and everyone sees it, and what’s best is that they complement you positively for what you’ve came up.  I think that explains it all. You just have to love what you’re doing. I mean… don’t try to force yourself to love it but I think the best suggestion I can give you is that – Do your to-do-things whenever your are in your best vibes. I have mine every night, as in night. 11:00-11:30. Sometimes I do my homework at 10:30 and I don’t care cause that’s when my brain works productively. Something like that. Hihihihi x

And lastly…

TV shows – pampatay oras.

City Hunter, particularly. I have to support my future husband, Lee Min Ho. ❤

I also watch other TV shows, like Gossip Girl and Survivor PH but I will never set aside watching Basketball. Top one in my heart.


So those are the things that keeps my life alive. 

Prom is getting near goyz. It’s my first prom, actually. I’m wearing a black gown, my shoes is a three-inched heels *OhLordGodblessme* I want that night be one of the best highschool memories ever.




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