Spell Severe Pampering

Severe pampering. Yes. I need that badly. The nails on my feet seem to be cracking. My french tip manicure are destroyed and it’s just annoying whenever I glance at my feet. This is kinda embarrassing. And it’s feeling kinda awkward now because it’s really pointless to share it with you since this is all about me and my personal hygiene stuff. Somehow I feel like not caring now.

Weeks before, I had been already looking for a good color of nail lacquer. And of course I went through Deborah Lippman’s page. So here are the colors I want my nails to be two weeks from now (so that’s gunna be on the first day of my glory days, Sembreak).

Looks so elegant. Xxx

Had always been my favorite color!! X

Partyyyyy Lacquer ❤ ❤ ❤

And this one not from Deborah Lippman but the color is so sweet and lovely + elegant + very teeanage-ish. (Had so many descriptions hehehe)

Can’t wait my Mani-Pedi tmrw!! But sadly my Manicurista said my nails need to rest from Nail Lacquers. So it’s like I have to wait for another two weeks to get my nails colored. Yaaaayyyyyyyyy. Thank goodness I have patience.




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