Florentyna x Marks & Spencer

After being depressed about the matter of not getting-in in the UAAP CDC last Saturday, thank God something had brought me back to my nerves!! 🙂 I had love-in-the-first-sight with this on the moment mom introduced it to me. This is actually the second time I bought a Body Spray/Perfume that I really loved and I knew that is worth-buying!! YAHAY ME-SO SUCCESSFUL.

So yes… I bought the Florentyna Body Spray (that’s why I love my dad so much now) in Eastwood.

(Srry for the photo, it’s from my phone) Prolly, yesterday was one-of-the-most-happiest days in my entire life. 🙂 (nye famous line).

Then found other Bath Stuff in the store. Then what a craze! I tried all the testers nung mga powder hahahahaha GOSH!! All of them are so so so bango!


(Sources: http://www.marksandspencer.com/ Floral Collection Rose Talcum)


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