Streets of Countryside x Philippines

After waiting for dad in the car, this is what I did. This is so like 3-years-ago na (but not literally 3 years, hehehe) pero I still wanted to upload it and show it up in my blog since I want you to see the true beauty of the messy streets of Countryside, Pasig. So here you go. 🙂

PS I edited these in Photoshop (since I missed everything in Photoshop) and I hope you like it!!

Baliwag near Ever Gotesco

Riverside Road

Super 8-Road


Favorite shot!! You don’t know how hard I got this. 🙂


Globe Broadband Stall

Share: The Globe Broadband Stall in front of MiniStop, where everyone makes tambay and all of a sudden they turn into creepers when they get all-dozed-up because of those yucky-tasting-drinks and everyone who passes by just get too scared of them. Via experience, btw. This is the story of Countryside.

So there you go.


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