Cont: Cath Kidston Wishlist

Basically, I had my Cath Kidston-Bag-Wishlist yesterday but I had the shortest time to blog last night that’s why I’m going to continue it today! x FYI: This has been the thing that has really stayed in my mind for the longest time. I can’t stop thinking about the floral prints on the bag and the Leather Turnlocks I saw yesterday. Nothing more to say but just WOW. 🙂

Lace Stripe Reusable Bag

Something I can use for my extra stuff in school.

Chelsea Roses Superslim Umbrella

Accidentally saw this. Never thought that Umbrellas are available, too. I don’t really have a practical reason for me to get this bec I don’t walk my way home naman but I still want to get this. Ayyyyy so cuuuttteee!! ❤


I already had seen a Cath Kidston Wallet in Market!Market– pero me and my mom expected it was in a cheaper price since Backpacks were sold around P500-P600. Apparently, we were mistaken. Wallets range from prices P250-350. Nice. How’s that naman. So mom and I changed our minds. We both told ourselves, “Next time na lang!” HAHAHHHAHAHA!!

Chelsea Rose Folded Zip Wallets

This tops my Wallet Wishlist ❤ –I pray that I could see a cheaper version of this… kahit Replica lang. Hehe!! 🙂

Country Rose Folded Zip Wallet

Sssoooo vintage!! I totally luv this

Hopes-up till we have our next shopping!! 🙂



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