New Lip Balm x Grocery

This is a late post. 

So I’m gonna make sharing now since I don’t have a new topic or anything decent to post.

Hawaiian Tropic Vanilla Mint Lip Balm

Basically, this is my third Lip Balm. The first was my Watson’s Lip Moisturizer (Cherry/Strawberry Flavor -I’m not sure hehe). Second was the Carmex -the one with the pack that looked like a Mighty Bond hahahahaha and thirdly, of course, is my newest Lip Balm from Hawaiian Tropic! x I’m so happy I got it even tho I had second thoughts in the first time because I was really supposed to get the Nivea Lip Balm (color Blue) but I am really amazed with the packaging of this one so… I decided to get it.

I really love this kase it really tastes like Vanilla (of course the flavor-DUH) but you know, it makes me wanna eat it. Oh! And + the fact that it’s petite and I could even put it inside my coin purse and bring it anywhere with me. Kase… you know… I’m so tamad like talagang big-time.

By this time, I really could tell that I’m a Hawaiin Tropic Lip Care fan slash sucker. After seeing the website… I want to buy this naman:

Tropical Lip Balm




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