This day is one of the awesomest days I’ve ever had in my life. 🙂 I was really glad that I made it to the Life In The Spirit Seminar at Church even tho I had second thoughts about going there but at least I conquered my laziness.

     Surprisingly, when we were already in the church, mom told me that I can go home after the lunch break which in case surprised me and put a “Huh” reaction on my face. It seems like she doesn’t like to be with me; maybe because it just irritates her me-being-there-without-any-effort-to-listen. But it wasn’t like that. Basically, she wanted me to go home because there were no teenagers in the Seminar… most of them were oldies. And Mom really knew that it would be hard for me to participate if I was the only “Baby” there. And the discussions were already serious matters and I think my mind is still not ready for that.

     So I went home (not to mention how my ride made me REALLY nervously-wrecked) and glad to see my Sister playing Plants Vs. Zombies because it seemed that she was slowly-recovering from her Lagnat and I think that’s really a good news– Then I saw Ate Bing who just came from my Mom and Dad’s room (wow detail for detail) surprised to see me came home early. She told me “Ba’t ang aga mo?”… “Pinauwi ako ni Mom” I told her. She went to the couch and as always, I saw Nail Cleaners and I was like “AGH… Ano bayan. Yan na naman ang ginagawa niya.” So I was wondering what to do next. Eat, Watch TV… or sleep? Basically, I chose watching TV. I immediately told Ate Bing to open the TV and to tune-in to Studio 23. I saw UE-NU and for whatever reason, I am bored to watch it because I saw empty chairs on the TV and it was like no one is interested on watching it.

     After, I had some chocolates but Toblerone didn’t energize me; instead, it put me to sleep. The 30-minute-nap hyped-me-up and finally came up to face my Laptop for the Facebook-Twitter-Tumblr-Wordpress-stuff. But it felt like throwing my Laptop into the air after having about 5 Restarts. Oh holy macaroni- I need to send my Laptop to the pagawaan. Arte-artihan. By 4:30, a streaming hot moment, I opened the TV again and was not surprised to see UE putting on a Crapfest show. What the heck??? THIRTY POINTS BEHIND? Oh gosh I think you should make back-out from the UAAP na. Loljoke. Sorry, UE. XX Let’s go back– Basically, I have to turn the TV off for this only reason: Noise Pollution kase, eh. Then I went back to face the Laptop again and surprisingly… it cooperated for a moment. Thank God.

     Finally, it was already the next game. BUT IT WAS SO FLABBERGASTING WHEN I SAW THAT IT WAS ATENEO WHO’S PLAYING IN THE NEXT GAME!!!!! I was like “Ohmygosh. I wouldn’t have missed it!!” Today was a really free day. I f only I knew that 3 days earlier, I would have pleased and begged my dad for that!! UGH What a missed chance. First minutes of the 1st quarter crashed my soul. 4-10?! Are you serious? And crashed my soul in 100 pieces again in the 2nd Quarter when I saw the scoreboard 25-36. “WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT Are you really serious…” FEU Up by 11? OH That’s soooo disappointing. So annoyed just imagining the fact of FEU people super rejoicing with that spread. So I came up on ranting in Twitter. Check this out:

See? I wasn’t that afraid. I was more of confident and WOWed. I wasn’t thinking that I would embarrassed by the end because I’m confident enough that Ateneo will still bounce back. And I’m so happy to say that THEY WON!!! Yes they won!!! Look at this closelyyyyyy–

Ateneo with a clean record. 8-0.

That’s it! 🙂




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