Teach Me How To Dougie: Desperation

So here’s how desperate I am; Last night, I mean last last night (so that’s Sunday), me and our maid were watching Gandang Gabi Vice. So that show’s guest were Enrique Gil and JM de Guzman. Then there was this segment where Enrique and JM were asked to dance Dougie, and then Vice just asked how is it done and when I saw Enrique Gil do it, I was just starstruck and from that moment on, it was the only thing that has been on my mind. Booo.

Next Day – Monday All of us in the class were chit-chatting about GGV (Gandang Gabi Vice). Then we were all asking each other if we know how to dance Dougie, plus of course the fact how Enrique Gil dances so appealing.  All of us didn’t know how-to-dougie, YES, that’s how embarrassing it is. So by that time I went home, I immediately went to YouTube and searched Tutorials on How to Dougie.

Here’s what I found first:

Glee Version Were Mike Chang and Heather Morris – But I didn’t like it. It was short and a bit fast.

So this is what I found next. Hope this will be great. 🙂

That’s all for now. Hope the next time I blog is when I know how to DOUGIE alreadddhhheeeeyyyyy — YEAH \m/



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